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Whether you have a new home that needs a fit out or an existing home that you want brought up to date, we are the experts at design and installation of all electrical works. We can also design, supply and install solar connections for your home that are both attractive and affordable. We recommend for your health and the longevity of your equipment that you service and clean your heat pumps every two years. You deserve a home that is warm, well lit and secure.



We have extensive experience in servicing existing systems and installing A/C, Refrigeration, Lighting and Solar for businesses and organisations. If you run a School, Church, Cafe, Bakery, Pharmacy or Restaurant, leave the electrical work to us.



Experienced in industrial motors, VSD controllers, pumps, workshop and engineering factory installs, either new or existing, industrial needs are our bread and butter. Large scale projects are a headache for any project manager who has to deal with inexperienced electricians without any commitment to high standards. We are absolutely dedicated to making your electrical installation run as smoothly as possible with clear communication and a short timeline.


Lighting Design and Installation

We have had a lot of experience over the years and have had the privilege of installing some great lighting designs with magnificent outcomes. This has enabled us to be able to help with your design and layout of your lighting systems. If you are at the planning stage give us a call and we will be more than happy to discuss your needs and help you with the lighting of your new build or renovation


Solar Supply and Installation

We are really passionate about making Solar affordable and accessible. Our Solar kits are straight AC connected so the Install is super quick and efficient with no ugly DC wiring anywhere. The benefit of this Solar system is a super quick install and if you want to add on to the system later, it is as simple as plugging in extra panels as the Micro inverters on the roof. The system comes complete with a wall controller and an app to monitor what you are producing from your smart phone. Give us a call and we can come and suggest the best Solar option for your home or business.

We are also offering a finance option through MTF finance Rangiora with a competitive finance rate meaning you can use the money you would normally pay towards your power bill and pay off your loan in 3-5 years.
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